Therapist and Facilities Management

Say goodbye to chaos! Keeping track of patients, therapists, sessions, and rooms is easy with Genex.

Online booking and Payment

Online bookings and real-time payment processing directly on your website.

Commissions and Payouts

A battle-tested accounting engine ensures you never miss a due payment of your commissions status. Keep your team happy with Timely efficient compensation and commission payouts.

Loyalty and Promotion

Varieties of Loyalty Promotions and Voucher solutions. Setup Up-Sales and Cross-sales to advantageously market your business.

Patient – Member Recognition

Full records of patient case history, progress reports, vital stats, sensitivities. Allow for easy patient identification and a consistence in treatments across therapists.

Mobile Data Input

Your staff can easily and correctly input patient data and booking without being tied to the desk. Allowing for great operational flexibility.

Shared Hospitality Management Platform Features

Enjoy operational hospitality platforms customized to the unique needs of your business. Genex specializes in addressing the region’s growing demand for hospitality management technology that delivers proven ROI:

Financials on-demand

Get an immediate bird’s eye view of your operation’s finances. Generate real time financial statements whenever and wherever you need them – P&L, balance sheet, and everything else you need to have at your fingertips…

Offer loyalty schemes and vouchers

Drive your marketing to the next level by recognizing and rewarding deserving clients with loyalty schemes and promotions.

Integrate seamlessly with your website

Make your guests’ lives even easier by offering booking, payments, voucher redemptions and more directly from your website.