Your Single Source Technology Partner

Being brought up within environment of Thailand’s classic period of hotel industry, Peak Malakul as Genex Solutions CEO have seen both the good the bad and the ugly. Not only his insight is applicable in Thailand but Hotelier around the world. Peak helps hotelier revealing opportunities and this is where the passion began.

When it comes to Hospitality Solution, Peak never hesitates to say it’s all about Guest Experience.
Once Combine with latest technology in earnest, you are ensured to flourish your hotel business. Integration is one strong word for our company delivery of service,a big part of the plan, 20 years of walking along with Hoteliers we devote our expertise in great application and software. Knowing so well technology saves you from unnecessary workload. Even Doubling your staff productivity or tripling it isn’t so far out of your reach.

Hotel should creates grand impressive gesture to guest, an advancement in personal touch in every details of guest experience. For impressive result to both hotel and guest, Robust Flexible and fully integrated Solution is our answer.